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Team Programs

Coaches are working nonstop to ensure that they are able to implement their philosophies to create perfect team dynamics. We understand that you only have little time to get your team sharp before the new season starts. Training camps at Holland University Football will put your plan to action. We will make sure you are able to work as a professional under the best circumstances. The only thing you have to focus on is Training and Coaching.

We welcome you during your professional training camp in Holland. We love to offer you a total experience where you can endure all the football this small country has to offer. Not only will we show you the best Holland has to offer, but we also have you experience the best of German football since we are only 5 miles away from the boarder! It is great to learn from different styles of play and test where you are at, compared to the challenging level we organize for you in these 2 famous football countries.

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Professional Communication

We speak your language. We are Coaches ourselves, and therefor understand the necessity to organise a perfect training camp for you and your team.

We communicate directly with all of our players and coaches as if they are professionals. Choosing to work with us over our 8-day program means choosing to live, train, play and present yourself as a PRO. We only want to work with players and coaches that want to conduct themselves in a professional manner and try to maximize their potential.

 Who is this program for?

This program is designed for clubs and federations who want to train and work together with their team on an intense and daily basis with the best facilities while experiencing more on the (football) culture in Holland and Germany!.


Team Programs

A tailor-made program produced by Holland Football University to get your team moving within 8 Days. Train with your complete team and staff to excel! The program consists of:

  1. Theory Sessions
  2. Testing and Monitoring
  3. Video Analysis
  4. Scholarship FREE Coach Course
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1.    Theory Sessions

These sessions will be personally designed to help your players be more prepared on the Dutch Style of training , playing and coaching. So players are more aware to what they will face from the opponents in Holland and Germany. From learning different systems and principles of successful teams over the last few years.

2.   Testing and Monitoring

During our 6th day we will have your team run through our professional testing protocol. The results of these tests can be found in your Members Area in our HFU Online Academy. During training, you will have the ability to have your team work with heart rate monitors and GPS to track your recovery and progress.

3.   Video Analysis

During your 8-day Program, there will be 2 Training sessions recorded besides the matches. All these various training moments and full matches will be stored in your Teams members account which of all your Players and Staff receive access to after return home. Each player and staff member get's a personal code to our HFU Online Academy.

4.   Scholarship Free Coach Course

 We believe it starts with helping you as a Coach to develop your own High Performance Compass. Knowing your goals, having clarity in where you are now and creating a pathway to where you want to go is crucial to influence your players to join you! 

Personal High Performance Coaching 2 Sessions before Arrival, 2 Sessions during Holland trip and 2 Online Monthly Coach Sessions after return home.

Before your trip starts, we connect with you as a Coach to set up a Strategy Call. From there we will plan 2 sessions before arrival to Holland where we discuss creating your Coach Performance Compass. In Holland we plan 2 sessions as well, where we can be your Mentor, Advisor or Coach to help you progress. After returning home we can plan 2 Calls. Discussing your progress and challenges returning home.

What's Included?

Team Programs Based on 20 People

  • 8 days in a luxe hotel (full board)
  • Professional Testing Program
  • Professional Video Analysis of Matches
  • Watching professional games, including match tickets
  • Scholar for Coach for 1:1 Team performance Coaching.
  • Theory Sessions on Total Football for team.
  • 3 Matches. Holland/Germany (semi) proteams.
  • HFU Online Academy access when returning home
  • City trip Amsterdam
  • City trip Germany
  • Transportation from and to the airport in Holland
  • Professional Training outfits of Holland Football University
  • Transportation during this 8-day trip according to program
  • For every 11th! Player you get 1 Coach Scholarship for free. (only flight excluded)
Get in Touch!
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We provide Clubs and Federations with these 8-day programs.  But as this is just an example, feel free to get in touch and let's discuss your perfect trainingcamp. Don't settle for less, but aim for the perfect camp with us.



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