When you apply for a product of Holland Football University you will accept the next terms and conditions:

  1. Definitions
    1.1 Participant: The person that with agreement of both, participant and HFU, uses the products of HFU.
    1.2 Entry form: Form that is on our website “www.hollandfootballuniversity.com”.
    1.3 Client: The person or corporation that has an agreement with HFU.
    1.4 Agreement: The agreement between HFU and the client about the products and services.
    1.5 Participation fee: The total sum of prices for the products and services as agreed vat included.
    1.6 Holland Football University LLp: Programs of Holland Football University are organized with the responsibility of HFU.
    2. Relevance
    2.1 These terms of conditions are only relevant for all HFU-international products.
    2.2 These terms of conditions are not relevant for HFU-Dutch offers.
    2.3 The relevance of specific or general conditions of the client will be rejected by HFU.
    2.4 Deviations or additions, in any form, to these terms of conditions are only relevant when HFU agreed to these deviations and additions.
    2.5 In case of a conflict between the terms of conditions and the agreement the last one counts.
    2.6 If one of the provisions in these terms of conditions are not relevant or have a conflict with any laws, the provision will be ignored. The other terms and conditions will still be operative.
    3. The making of an agreement
    3.1 All offers of HFU are non-committal and without prejudice of the capacity unless it is explicitly noted in an agreement.
    3.2 The agreement will be made after the clients filled in the registration form, accepted the terms and conditions, has end a definitive confirmation of participation and did a payment which is received by HFU. HFU will send the definitive confirmation of participation.
    3.3 When you filled in your registration form you have 14 days of reflection. If you decide to cancel your registration within this period it is free if you report this written. If the order is within the reflection time HFU renounces of this rule.
    4. Payment
    4.1 Wire Transfer: HFU offers the possibility to pay by wire transfer. This way you have to pay before the deadline adjusted by HFU.
    5. Instructions and behavior rules
    5.1 It is mandatory for participants to comply to all instructions in order to foster a good execution. Also any participant needs to conform to all rules that HFU stated during the stay at their accommodations.
    5.2 Any participant that cause nuisance or can cause nuisance for a good execution will be send away. Any costs and/or damage will be on his or her behalf.
    5.3 During the execution of our agreement HFU has the following house rules.
    – We have respect for each other, this counts for staff, participants and organization.
    – It is strictly forbidden to use stimulating products of any kind.
    – It is forbidden to smoke on our accommodation or during our activities.
  2. Liability of contractor
    6.1 Any damage to luggage or other personal property of the participant are always the responsibility of the participant.
    6.2 It is the responsibility of the participant to inform HFU about personal details/allergies/diets which are important to the participant.
    6.3 Participants are aware of any risks. For example: Mental injuries or physical injuries.
    6.4 Participation is on own risk and bill.
    6.5 HFU is responsible when there is any form of premeditation or negligence, but only when HFU has an insurance which covers the damage.
    6.6 HFU is never responsible for damage caused by ascendancy.
    7. Cancelation by client
    7.1 Cancelation must take place in writing, in which correspondence the date of the postmark will serve as the indicative date for the provisions indicated in paragraph 2 of this article.
    7.2 After cancellation because of: illness, injury or other serious emergencies the cancellation policy, as discussed in article 7.4 will become operative.
    7.3 Other reasons for cancellation may be proposed, with associated administration costs and cancellation costs as discussed in article 7.4.
    7.4 After cancellation every participant will be charged 25% when cancellation is received more than 6 weeks before the event.
    The participant will be charged 50% of the registration fee when cancellation is received 2-6 weeks before the event.
    The participant will be charged 75% of the registration fee when cancellation is received 7-14 days before the event.
    The participant will be charged 100% of the registration fee when cancellation is received 1-6 days before the event.

7.5 In case of cancellation from Holland Football University, 100% reimbursement of Coach Tuition will be made to clients. Flight tickets are never covered, this is clients responsibility to have a good insurance.

7.6 In case of Covid Cancellation by HFU. When program get’s cancelled due to Covid we reimburse 90% of the paid Tuition. HFU will deliver it’s 6 Week Online High Performance Coaching.

  1. Lost and found
    Lost property will be saved for 7 days. HFU will communicate about the things they found to the participants. Costs for returning it to participant are with participant. After 7 days HFU has the right to donate the property to a charity of choice.
    9. Applicable law and disputes
    9.1 In the agreement and all agreements that follow only Dutch laws are applicable.
    9.2 All arguments about the agreement that may occur will be assessed by a judge.
    10. Other regulations
    Video and pictures taken of HFU activities and the participants, can be used by HFU in their communication to promote the company and its activities. If the client does not want HFU to use the material the client needs to express this matter before the start of our activity to HFU.