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Mary Kok-Willemsen is Founder and General Director of Holland Football University. Besides that she works as a Football Consultant, Certified High-Performance Coach and Speaker. 

Starting her career as one of Hollands youngest coaches in 1995 she was inspired by Louis van Gaal and Johan Cruijff. From the development of individual talent to building High-Performance Teams, she followed & studied their journey closely.

In 2006, she started (with her husband Jurgen Kok ) FC Twente Women Football, the first club to start a professional Women Team in The Netherlands. From the start they combined it with the launch of a Professional Academy for girls. FC Twente Women is still today the most successful team in the Netherlands...Many of the amateur players and coaches Mary helped develop  are now rolemodels, leaders, and Silver Medallists for the Dutch National Women Team, only a decade later!

In 2015, she started Holland Football University,  Over the years, her work expanded from Coach to Technical Direktor to a General Manager as well as now frequent asked expert on Talentdevelopment, Leadership and Teamperformance with FIFA and other (con)Federations.

Certified High Performance Coach and Speaker. On and off the field Mary is asked to help ambitious individuals, teams and organisation with their goal to perform on a high level over a longterm. She delivers as a keynote speaker and High Performance Coach/Training sessions all over the globe.

Increasing performance and Change perspective. On and off the field.

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Mary loves to be on stage to inspire and challenge progress and does this in a high level game intensity! 

Her talent is her use of storytelling which grabs the attention while combining it with Strategies that are proven, and more important: Practical. You leave empowered for taking action, directly...

Previous performances include TEDx, Universities, Corporate Events, Embassies, and Coach's Conventions.


  • Talent Development, Nature or Nurture?
  • Team Performance:  How to build Legendary Teams
  • Leadership? It starts with you, time to progress.
  • Equality to the top: But what about the Boys?
  • Score Global Goals: Prizes or Priceless?
Mary as Speaker

Organisations Mary spoke for

High-Performance Coach

Over the last 30 years, Mary has always been fascinated by what makes people and teams perform at high level and over a longterm. What differs from the peak and burn performers that are less concistent?

Besides her professional coach career she became one of the few Certified High-Performance Coaches around the globe. 

6 or 12 weeks High Performance Coaching program. Experiencing Achievement & Fullfilment without risking your health or your relations. Science backed coaching from physical to mental priming to productivity. Total Football, but off the field... 

Every sessions is structured and guides you to a process of experiencing more progress. Themes and tools are integrated in this 12 weeks to challenge you and give direction.

Personal Development Plan.

(Bi) weekly 1:1 sessions with Mary online from where you are, with your own portal where you can all of your tools, documents videos invoices etc. Everything in the program helps to get and keep you a clear head.

During our HP program you become fitter, stronger and mentally you will get more clarity and control. You feel more live in your days and know how to manage your energy to do so. How to Release negative Energy and tap into Renewing positive energy. 

Leadership and Influence. You get more aligned with your own personal leadership and start to influence the people around you in a more positive way. It seems to get easier to get people out of resistance towards supporting and sharing your ideas. If you believe it is time for you to get a personal topcoach that challenges and supports you in becoming your best?  Then contact  Mary to plan a Strategy Call to find out if you can make a good match working together!

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Football Consultant 

Talent development, accelerating Teamperformance and creating High Performance environments from scratch. 

Mary has build it from amateurlevel to a Dynastie with FC Twente in Holland. From the roles of professional coach, technical director as well as general manager, she adds value  and different perspectives to any Club or Federation.

Whether on or off the field, get ready to be stretched! Intense, challenging but always with her full support and smile! to enjoy the process.

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Holland Football University

After working for more than 4 decades in Professional Football in Holland, Mary and her husband Jurgen started Holland Football University.

A professional Training and Education Company with decades of proven experience and expertise in helping coaches and players develop from Amateurs to Professional Clubs and National Team. With the start of 2016 Mary decided to take their Expertise and Experience Global and created their own Total Football & High Performance Framework.

They focus on Clubs and Federations that want to professionalise their Coaches and want to create (or further develop) a High Performance Culture for their coaches and players.

With Accelerators for Coaches/ Players and Teams around the globe they deconstruct in short periods what is needed to perform at a Higher Level and maintaining it.

Holland Footbal University in Spain

For Clubs/Federations that want to take their Teams and/or Coach staff to work with Jurgen and Mary in Spain, they organise tailormade programs in La Nucia at the Costa Blanca area. The Mediterrean town and awarded 2 times already as Sports Town of Europe.

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