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Club Programs

Women football is growing exponentially globally. While it's potential has always been there, it is becoming visual now.  What steps should you take in order to progress women football within your club or federation? 

If you would like to find a partner, with a proven trackrecord in professionalizing women football at WorldCup level: You came to the right place! We have been there every step on this journey. From developing amateur players and coaches to National Team players and staff, to some becoming best of the world within a decade. We have started professional club women soccer in the Netherlands, and have build it from amateur status into a Dynasty!

When we talk about a partnership, we love to create a tailor-made program for you. Some of the building blocks we could serve you with are below, that can serve as an example to start thinking more concrete of your needs.

Every big journey, begins with one step, you can go fast by yourself. But the destination, (and the journey itself!) can be so much better when you walk together!

We can't wait to partner up...

- Mary

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Coach Education

At your Club or Federation. With our 3-Day on site Programs, we provide you the opportunity to train and learn from our staff at YOUR own facilities. We created a 3-Day Coach Course that builds our Total Football Framework for the coaches. The necessary building blocks, integrated in 2,5 days but with clear preparation upfront, as well as accountability calls months after the course. We not only will inspire your coaches to the right track, we walk with them even afterwards. Our 3-days Coach Course is an enormous boost for your coaches, but don't forget the impact on your players. Have our staff, that worked with many of the Dutch National Team women, work with your players.

A unique experience to world class level training and coaching. On your own facility! Of course this is an example program. Do let us know if you look for something else you could use our expertise for.

Mentoring Programs

For our partners we can create tailor-made programs for their Coach and Management staff. The best performing CEO's have a Coach, so why not giving this precious gift to your staff? Imagine how if feel for your Coaches or Technical Direktor to have a mentor that helps/him to increase their performance. In a safe and challenging environment we focus on their growth. So many times your coaches put every minute in growing their players on and off the field. But how can you make sure your coaches feel they are progressing? So before and after the live Coach courses we will have a strategy Call set up to learn more about your Coach/Technical Directors goals and challenges. What if you could give a Mentor who have been in their shoes and help them accelerate their growth?

3-Day on Site Coach Course Holland Football University

3-Day on Site Coach Course

What's Included?

3-Day on Site Coach Course

  • Full 3 day Coach Course, Program for 15 Coaches.
  • Online Course Module upfront Coaches
  • Online Webinar Players that are going to participate (30)
  • Certificates for Players 
  • Certificate for Coach Level 1a. (Total Level 1 = 5 days)
  • 1 Group Coaching Call on Zoom after the Course for ALL Certified HFU Coaches
  • 1 All-In Scholarship for 1 Coach 7 days CoachCourse Holland. 
  • 1 All-In Scholarship for 1 Player Training camp Holland 7 days.
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Team Programs

Holland Football University offers customized team programs. For partners we are able to make tailormade programs in Holland and Germany. If you want to offer your team an professional experience of the highest standards let us organise it for you!

From testing, perfect trainingfacilities, video analysing, medical staff and (semi)professional matches.

You can combine it with our staff joining you and your team, even towards having us taking on sessions. If you want we include you a Coach Course during your teamprogram Let us know what your teamgoals are, and what specific area's you would like to have our support with.

Team trainingcamps in Holland, let's get the perfect scenario for your team and YOU to grow into your best season ever.

Player Pathways

If you want for your high potentials pathways to come to Holland for a trial period, to have them train in Holland and showcase/test their qualities. We can help create several pathways for your players to experience this oppurtunity. We never promise professional trials as this is something earned by quality and grit. We are not player agents, but coach, advisors and mentors. Honest, direct and constructive coaching and feedback. But with a high level network of College Programs and (semi) professional clubs in/outside Europe. So if your players want to combine Football & Study, train and play at semi professional level, come for short term or longterm: We help you create the best challenging environment for them to grow!

Team Programs Girls - Holland Football University

Team Programs Girls

Team Programs Boys - Holland Football University

Team Programs Boys

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Holland Football University can also be hired for their unque women football expertise. We have experience in professionalizing organizations in football to grow their full potential and maximize the strength of their teams. Building clubs from the ground up to winning the most titles in the competition. We would love to share this knowledge with clubs or federations who want to grow their value. Working together with Holland Football University means you have a Consultant with you with expertise in Talentdevelopment, Teamperformance and High Performance Coaching Leadership.  We have a broad group of experts that help you on every stage to succeed. We can be your Growth Partner on every stage of the Journey! From building succesfull teams, to creating a High Performance Environment.

Growing and inspiring your Business Network around womenfootball? We have been there, done that!

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Women Football Consultancy

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Meet some of the Organisations we have worked with.

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