Holland back at Worldcup 2022

coaches Nov 17, 2021

Do we have enough wingers?

1 year to go but already excited to see how this team will present itself at #qatar2022 
Only a half year after a dissapointing European Championship Holland qualified with.... 1-4-3-3

Coach Louis van Gaal listened to his players, while he prefers to play 1-5-3-2

Where Holland said to lack wingers, some exciting wingers are popping up now.
Players who play between the lines, others who are able to go outside, some play as an extra midfielder or double 9..
Holland has options now to play 1-4-3-3, with wingers that add different dynamics. The traditional wingers, right foot on the right with the ''white'' on their shoes and playing very deep are rare. But we definetely got some speed and directness replacing it...

The nr 10
Also here, Holland got different choices.
The most "traditional" 10 might be Berghuis now. He is one of the slicky players who can create different openings that no other sees. Where the most players are ''running'' and passing 10's Berghuis can also decide the game in an instance by a shot or a magical assist...

Other options for "10" are a double 10 (Wijnaldum and Klaassen) or an single offensive midfielder or more of a second striker playing on 10.

Defensive Foundation
But one of the differences Holland (hopefully) brings in Qatar is his Captain. The defensive leader Holland lacked at the Euro.
Great to have Virgil van Dijk leading the team in Qatar.

So even when a high level and well achieved coach prefers a different style...
He knows: "People support what they create.. let's stick to 1-4-3-3 and make it better"

This april in Holland we are going to work with a small group of coaches (max of 10) to discuss and work through building a 1-4-3-3 Team in all aspects. Tactical, physical, technically all through our own HFU Total Football Framework. If you want to join this small group and work with us personally, click to learn more on our 5 Days Coachcourse Holland

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