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Coach Course Holland Level 1

For Ambitious Coaches, that hold their Federations D or C-License we organise an unique Coach Course in Holland this Summer.

Spend 5 Days with us in Holland and Focus on your Coach Framework. This is YOUR Time to Learn, Grow and have an unforgettable week and build a Network of amazing professionals from all around the Globe!

All of our Coach Courses in Holland this Summer are for small Groups only. So make sure you get your spot locked on time!

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July 3 - July 7, 2021

Ready? Set. Grow! It starts with you...

We can't wait to start getting back in action again. Preparing our players for the new season coming ahead. So many new faces, many more challenges than other years before... But have you set yourself up for this new coming year? What is your Framework, what are YOUR values, YOUR beliefs in how you need to show up as a better Coach? 

What if we told you we've created a Program where you not only learn about how to train and coach your players in our Total Football Framework, but also work on yourself as a coach through our High Performance Coaching? You create your own Coach Compass, based on your vision. Become the coach your players need you to be. On the pitch, but also off the pitch.


Coach Course Level 1

A High Level Accelerator Course created by Holland Football University for Ambitious Coaches from all over the world (with a D-License Minimum):

  1. 6-Weeks Online High Performance Coaching, 
  2. Coach Course 5 Days in Holland,
  3. 3- GroupCalls with Mary & Jurgen when returned home.
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1.    6-Week Coach Performance Compass 

Start 3 weeks before arrival with a weekly Online Session. Mary will help you create Clarity on your Goals, Challenges and the area's you feel good, need to improve or want to improve.  You are primed in the right mindset already before arrival! 3 Weeks after you returned home Mary and Jurgen host 3 monthly online GroupCalls to help you stay on track! 

During these 6 weeks, we will cover the topics:

2.     5-Day Coach Course Holland  Level 1

Classroom Sessions

We created a unique blend of different learning settings. We use our Classroom Sessions to Teach our Principles and the Theory behind them in each of our Building Blocks. We trigger you to look through a Framework that consistently relates your Information Filtering to how it can help you increase the Team or Players Performance.

Field sessions

How to design your Sessions in a way that they challenges the players to apply the GamePrinciples? How to make sure they are naturally repeating the ''Topic'' while expanding their Toolbox with new solutions and executions. 

Match Analyzing

How to look through the same glasses in watching games. Analyzing the Games is the starting point from where we determ what we need to work on. You can only progress when you have the Clarity to know where to focus on!


We create a challenging 5 days for you but combine this in a safe and empowering environment. Where you have enough time to digest all the information and discuss in small groups what you've learned. Our Assessments don't take much time but they bring connection. Sharing your learnings with the other Coaches that's build to make your knowledge stick longer!

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3.     Accountability

After you return home we help you continue your Progress through:

  • 3 Sessions with Mary & Jurgen on monthly Group Call.
  • Discussing your Progress and Challenges.
  • Your Feedback, Results and Video's will be in our Online HFU Academy where you will have access to for 1 year!
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Here's what you get when you join.

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6 Weeks Online High Performance Coaching by:
Mary Kok-Willemsen 
(value = €600,-)
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Exclusive HFU Coach Uniform &

Performance Planner.

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When Completed the Course you will receive a Holland Football University Certificate Level 1.
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Accountability: 3 Monthly Group Calls after returning Home. Your Progress and Challenges.
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Full Board Hotel. Based on Double Rooms* 

* Single rooms if available, €35,- extra per night.

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All Transportation as mentioned in Schedule. We can pick you up at the airport if you arrive 1 day earlier at Schiphol.
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1 Year Membership HFU Online where all of your Course Information and Assessments etc. are stored.
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Match Visit Bundesliga or Eredivisie. *depending on Final Schedule as well as Covid relegations.


You're covered by our COVID guarantee.

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Of course we are still in a challenging time with the Covid Virus. Therefor we have you covered! When in the worst case scenario, our course needs to be cancelled due to Covid, we reimburse 90% of the CoachTuition.

The 6 weeks High Performance Coaching program (valued at €600,-) with Mary and Jurgen will be fully delivered! So even in the worst case we get you on track from home.


Maybe we can already answer it!


It starts with YOUR next move!

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Coach Course Level 1

July 3 - July 7, 2021


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