What Sarina Wiegman lacks coaching men football...

coaches leadership teamperformance Aug 19, 2022

What Sarina Wiegman lacks for Mens Football.
A new season, your professional club is in need to find a new Headcoach.
Then you receive this resume of a 52 year old coach:
* 99 Caps as a player
* Coach for 15 years on all level. National Titles and Champions League
* Assistant National Coach
* National Team Coach. After 6 months winning European Championship. (with a team that never got to the final before)
* National Team Coach. After 2 years silver medallist on World Cup
* 2x FIFA Coach of the Year
* National Team Coach of England. In her first year there England became European Champions also!

Proven Competencies with different teams, in different countries:
- Creating an inspiring vision, removing limiting beliefs (where players and staff who never won a price!) wanted to belong to.
- Working with diverse staffs, valuing each input and personality.
- Managing Egos, and form a team of Heroes to cheer on. (her teams always have more ''stars'' than others)
- Proven to make the impopular decisions in need to pursue the goal
- Creating a High Performance Environment where passion and professionalism spreads behind National borders.
- Getting stadiums packed, scaling Fanbase and attracting Sponsors
- Creating positive PR
And number 1 Competency:

'The male dominated footballworld is not ready for THIS, yet..’ you hear a lot.
What competency does she lack that players would not work with her as a coach?
What competency does she lack that a General Director needs from a Coach?
What competency does she lack that your Fans want to see in their Coach?

 A new season... Do you have any limiting beliefs about quality?

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