Coach Course HFU. ''I wanted a course that would help me express and articulate my coaching philosophy with much clarity''

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Coach Letang ''Rasta'' Kgengwenyane about Holland Football University

Our Level 1 and 2 Coachcourse in The Netherlands are only for small groups. With a maximum of 8-10 coaches we organise 5 days Coachcourses that are additional to the Federation Courses.

As we have small numbers, the courses are intense and delivered by our Technical Direktor Jurgen and Mary Kok-Willemsen herself. ''We decided to put all our expertise in these small group courses as we prefer going deep with sharing our knowledge as well as building personal relations with the coaches. It is impossible to believe you can do this with a big group. 

We have been developing many coaches in The Netherlands, working for professional clubs like Feyenoord, FC Twente and with the Dutch FA as well the English FA, But we love to do the same thing for coaches from continents outside Europe. Therefore we have created our HFU Total Football Framework with our High Performance Expertise. Not only does this Framework connect all of the different pillars like Football Condition, Techniquetraining, FootballCondition and Team Strategy. It also helps Coaches develop knowledge in High Performance Leadership''

When you apply for our Coachcourse and get accepted, we directly start your 6 weeks Online Course. This includes also 2 Live calls, to check on your team it's status and questions you might have. Before you arrive to The Netherlands, we already have started your thinking process and shared our Total Football Common Language.

Our next Coachcourse:

September 30 till October 4th:Coach Course Holland Football University. Level 1 Netherlands

We look forward helping you progress!

Jurgen and Mary


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