Oranje Mechanica. How Holland reinvents football succes.

coaches diversity leadership talentdevelopment women football Jul 04, 2019
Sarina Wiegman through the eyes of Holland Football University

Any given Sunday! strikes again.

Today there was only one glimpse of 3rd man midfielder, with the goal of Jackie Groenen…The rest was the story of Al Pacino and his team fighting for each inch, willing to die for their dreams..

Holland has not found their rhythm on their wings. They have not been able to attack and dominate at this world stage (yet) But they have showed everyone that they bring world-class fighting spirit! Sarina Wiegman-Glotzbach leads the team with ‘cojones’ and in the midst of the fire maintains her calm…..

In Holland we call it too early for a woman to coach a mens club… I think it’s not about being a woman. I think every professional club could need a coach, who has all competences to lead a club and build a fighting team. Someone who creates a record fanbase on television and an Oranje away game parade that moves a nation. 

Thinking that male football players are not ready to recognize quality that itself is the lack of true leadership. Leaders never focus on the presence. True leaders paint a future perspective on how things could be… True leaders never think it’s too early for quality!

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