50 Norwegian Coaches at 4-Day HFU Course

coaches diversity leadership Oct 05, 2018
Norwegian coaches at Holland Football University

In september we welcomed 50 coaches from Norway Football Federation to a 4 days coaches course in Holland. Of course tailor-made on their wishes.

The group was various in expertise and experience, so overall we made several specific elements. The goal of the course was a combination of experiencing and discussing Dutch professional Youth Football. With on one end grassroots coaching and teach the teacher module, and the other group more on vision building according to HFU Total Football Strategy. In 4 days we started with the end in mind and showed the building blocks on creating your own total strategy.

It was interesting to see how Norway has invested vision and time to teach the teacher module and how HFU uses a vision that is not as different in its content but more on its strategic conceptual thinking.

We combined field sessions at Youth of FC Twente, classroom sessions with analyzing training and matches but also different levels on (top) amateur level. The way to make theory practical was relating it to different levels, but all starting from a shared vision. The last session of the HFU instructors, Mary Kok-Willemsen presented her vision on self development and leadership. With comments and questions (during the first 3 days) presented into conscious learning and self development for coaches.

The last day the tour ended with a great slot! On the program a visit at AZ Alkmaar. As AZ is the club with the most Norwegian National team players it was great to watch 3 Norwegian play against Feyenoord. The morning at the AFAS stadium started with an inspiring presentation of Marijn Beuker, Manager Innovation. As a great follow up on the leadership session Marijn was explaining more on the mindset of the club and the belief they have on talent development. It was clear AZ had to make different choices and they do. The club is investing a lot in creating the best learning environment for players and staff to take leadership. External partners are also more than welcome in realizing innovations, but only when it relates to player or team progress.

After the game AZ vs Feyenoord ended the coaches group was offered an exclusive chance for a private interview session with Jonas Svensson and Frederik Midtsjo. Having coaches and players discuss in their own language about the differences and similarities in Holland and Norway. It was an 4-days intense football packed course which covered a lot of great discussion on various level.

”At Holland Football University they always raise the bar to out-beat the expectations. You really could tell they go to the max for making these courses unforgettable and mixed with actual content to discuss”

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