Gender Equality should be a choice for performance

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Gender Equality? But what about the Boys? Mary Kok-Willemsen blog

Not a choice for females, but for maximum profit

Today’s article show proven track records of increasing profits to companies with a diverse boardroom. It was a matter of time for that to come out. Living in one of the most liberal countries, Holland, it still seems to be an issue most women have to fight for, or men fighting for women to get that chance.

I have started my company recently and working in the most innovative and conservative world: Football… It really surprises me how we think about getting maximum results, about being the best, being innovative and finding that 1% to be better. And exclude a group of professionals…

Diversity has to be included to maximum performance.. When I say Gender Equality is not a choice for females, I mean it is a choice for the best you can be, the best you can give and the best you can achieve. When you know your teams will be at their best when there is diversity, what is the reason you exclude these extra knowledge, worthy dynamics to your own people/fans/clients and stakeholders?

Leadership with vision So when I am an ambitious woman or man trying to work in an environment that get’s the most out of me, I want to work with leaders that get diversity as something natural. In this time in Holland we really are not that far as we should. I look for business leaders, football directors and political leaders that create diversity as common ground. Not for women, not for men. But because it is one of the basic fundamentals to perform to the maximum.

Because every coach knows you can’t win a league with only 11 Simeone’s or 11 Cruijffs. So let us choose for the best team, that holds diversity and shares same values.. He who stops trying to be the best, starts loosing being good!

Article: It’s official: women on boards boost business

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