Players from Nepal experience Dutch Football

coaches players talentdevelopment Feb 05, 2018
Nepal Players visit Holland Football University

Last week was coach Prajwal Chetri (Nepal) again our guest at the Holland Football University. This time Prajwal brought some players over from Kathmandu to experience our 9- day Teamprogram. Our teamprograms are always tailor-made on the level, age and ambitions of the group.

This program was combined with high quality trainings that demanded the most out of the players.

Working in small spaces, with high intensity and training vision came back throughout the week. Also the professional testprotocol made players aware of their physical state and give them feedback on where Dutch professional players of their age group are at. The Training camp gave them also the opportunity to visit the FC Twente Stadium, the Ajax Amsterdam stadium and city trips to Amsterdam (Holland) and Muenster (Germany) Overall it was a great chance for the boys to experience the Dutch Football Culture and learn about the level of training, living in Holland.

‘’We look forward to work with Prajwal Chetri and Junior Football Academy again soon, to give ambitious and talented players (boys AND girls) from Nepal the chance to experience Dutch Total Football.’ Mary Kok-Willemsen, Owner

Some nice words from Prajwal Pratik Chetri:

It was a great pleasure to attend the football training at the Holland Football University. I believe the world’s best professional football education university. In 9 days we learned very much about the different style of football in Holland. The training was very good and the boys learned a lot different skills. On behalf of the Junior Football Academy (JFA) Nepal and Rajarshi Gurukul, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the Holland Football University for inviting us.

We hope our team participation will make the training at home also more competitive as well as strength the existing pleasant and health

y relations between our nations. We believe that knowledge, skill, training and coaching you shared, will help immensely in the development of the football in our country Nepal.We truly appreciate everything we have learned from the Holland Football University. It will forever remain a major contributor behind the Junior Football Academy success and achievements. Thank you once again’’

Holland Football University and Junior Football Academy will organise their next 9-days training camp program in April. Please stay informed through our website for all programs that are open.

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