Exclusive coachescourse womensoccer Holland/Germany: March 16th 2018

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Coachcourse Womenfootball Holland Football University

We all watched what happened the summer 2007 in Holland. The European Women Championship beat several records. With hundreds of thousands excited fans watching the games in the stadiums and millions of people worldwide watching the games on television. Holland not only got crowned as European Champions but also did this in the tradition of Dutch Total Football. With attractive players on the wing and pressure with the full team showing great potential.

Therefor we created since 2017 a specific program for coaches in women soccer analyzing the best Holland and Germany have to offer. 

Our coaches courses are different, personal and tailor-made to your wishes. It is your time, 5-days of football, personal development and unforgettable moments with friends you make for a lifetime. We are there to take you through a great program and help you setting your personal plan central. Our courses are known for their systematic approach of combining your thoughts and insights into your own football compass and vision. We welcome you for a coach journey of a lifetime.

Click here for our Womenfootball Coachcourse Holland

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