Women Soccer is not a different sport, Football is Football!

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Women Soccer, Women Football

With the UEFA WEURO Holland starting in only 2 days , the barometer of indifferences is reaching different hights. Within a week it changes people that didn’t care, deny the existence of women soccer towards passionate family and work discussions on the expectations…. With the start of the WEURO people ask me how they should watch, or they are told it is a different game… But football is football..

Ceiling starer or Ceiling stretcher?

Women soccer has been judged the last years on the ceiling on that moment. As being the boss you came away with the reason, you just didn’t care, you did not had a thing for it. So with you the people around you were neither served the chance to make up their opinion. Because you didn’t relate them to exploring women soccer. The real ceiling stretchers are the players and staff that made up their minds training, living as professionals. Even when they were not paid! They remind us now to the potential there is with the start of the biggest European Championship ever…

True potential football has the power to inspire, to cheer, to frustrate, to innovate or to connect.. And not only within the family but with big people mass around the globe! The last European Women Championship took 133! million tv watchers, 200.000 match visitors and 250.000 fanzone visitors! The same players and staff investing 10 years ago in their dream are role-models making transfers to Manchester City, Paris St Germain and Bayern Munich, among others… The same big stage clubs are now fighting also to have the best women soccer of their country, continent or worldwide!

Money driven or vision?

Of course these are all clubs that have the money, but does this mean their clubmanagement (which are still only men..) are crazy or bored with their money? Or do they realize the true potential (women)football has for all of its stakeholders? They just might realize that with a good women-team also they can offer their stakeholders not once every 2 weeks, but every week the chance to relate with their clubbrand, the fans, the players, other corporates and media.. They can easily offer an extra value through an excisting structure. Within their corebusiness! How it will evolve exactly, not even them exactly know. But that unknown dynamic, the different atmosphere, new expectations brings the club for sure a new vibe…

Fever of women soccer?

It is not about everyone getting pumped up with women football and have to think it is all great. But please watch and get your opinion. Become a Ceilingstarer at this European Championship and discuss your opinion on it. Whatever it is and share it. And by small chance after the scepsis you find yourself recognizing the potential, try to visualize where the ceiling will be if we give it a real serious, professional chance from grassroots on… Are you willing to expose your family, friends, colleagues and staff to this virus? Together we can create a feverish new momentum.

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