Scott Mitchell had a great experience at Holland Football University

coaches talentdevelopment Mar 17, 2017

Last week Scott Mitchell followed our 9 days individual coaching program. Scott is an ambitious football trainer and lives in Virginia, USA. He holds an US C License and is coaching u9.
During his stay Scott did many specific activities, all based on developing his trainer skills.

For example:
Saturday: Watch and analyze 3 games of the youth of Ajax
Sunday: Watch and analyze the youth game of FC Twente U16
Monday: Watch a training of a youth team
Tuesday: Technique training
Wednesday: Preparing training session
Thursday: Coordination training
Friday: Conduct a training session  – coordination / technique training
Saturday: Watch youth games of FC Twente and watch game Eredivisie (Highest level in Holland)
Sunday:  Course evaluation 

It has been more than I expected so far’.

During the week we asked Scott a few questions about his stay at Holland Football University.

How did you find Holland Football University?
Well, I was online looking for coaching courses and I want to find a course or something more along the lines of my thinking. I wasn’t really agreeing with the american style so I was online looking for dutch courses, because I believe in that philosophy and finally I found out about Holland Football University. I spoke to them about the environment and what the outcome would be. It turned out to be perfect for me.

So after a few days, what do you hope to get out of Holland Football University?
What I was hoping to get was something that I already gotten. I was hoping to get a higher understanding of how to teach my boys how to train and play the right way. It has been more than I expected so far.

How have you experienced the coaching program?
We have experienced a lot of training sessions with various age groups and the way that they train. It’s been pretty amazing to see how different clubs train different things with their age groups and how they coach them to play. I have learned to analyse a game and how to break it down into trainings sessions in that week, and build it up to next weeks game. It’s been very eye opening for me.
Using this structure of analysing I will be in a better place to teach my players and so I can develop a better team.
I would like to say thank you for having me a board and showing me the way of the Dutch. Holland Football University delivered in every way that is possible, and even more. Now I’m a better coach for myself and for my team.

Holland Football University thanks coach Scott Mitchell for his confidence in choosing Holland Football University for supporting his ambition.

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