Video analysis system

Dec 11, 2016
Video Analysis System Holland Football University

360SportsIntelligence is a video analysis system which allows coaches and players to analyse their performance. Holland Football University aims to develop their coaches, players and teams by using new technology and methods.

Video analysis is a very important tool when it comes to improving individual and team performances these days. The 360SportsIntelligence system allows us to record matches and training sessions which can be analysed later. Coaches have the option to add annotations at any moment in the video if they would like to point something out to the team or the individual player.

The system can be set up to automatically record a match or training session. After the system is done recording, it will automatically upload the video to the cloud. When the video is uploaded, trainers can log in to see the entire recording and analyse this by placing annotations and remarks throughout the video. This recording can then be shown to the player or team with the annotations of the coach. This way the players will know what they did wrong or right and what they need to improve and work on during the training sessions.

The 360SportsIntelligence system is a new addition to the high-tech technology that Holland Football University uses to further develop and improve their players, teams and coaches.


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