Football Heartbeat. Training and live heartmonitoring

players talentdevelopment Nov 07, 2016

Holland Football University uses high tech systems to further improve the skill and ability of coaches, players and teams. Firstbeat SPORTS allows us to analyse the heartbeat of the players. This new analysis system helps us to optimize the training load and the recovery of the players.

Players wear a belt with a monitor on it around their chests during the training sessions. The monitors are connected to the receiver. The data is being sent to a computer by the receiver, which allows us to get live information about the heartbeat of the players.

When the training is finished we are able to analyse the data we have gathered in the software. Group reports and individual reports can be found, which gives us the information we need to know about every player.

The results of the test show us what the average heartbeat was per player. It also shows the heartbeat of the player when he or she is resting. After the training, the data will be analysed and reported back to the coaches of the teams. The coaches then decide what to do with the data. They can see the data of every player and then decide what to do with the knowledge they have on a player. The coach can decide to give a player more time to rest if that player does not recover well for example.

The heartbeat monitors are part of the new technology we use that allows us to further develop and improve the teams, players and coaches during their programs at Holland Football University.

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