Coach Jodel Wright at Holland Football University

coaches talentdevelopment teamperformance women football Sep 26, 2016
Coach Jodel Wright at Holland Football University

Thank you Holland Football University!

This summer I had the opportunity to work with Mary Kok-Willemsen and the coaching staff of Holland Football University in a tailor-made coaching course. Through this coaching course with the Holland Football University, I was able to meet with two Dutch UEFA A license coaches. The coaching education I received this summer enabled me to design my NCAA Division II Women’s Soccer training program. Using the HFU Framework l, I have seen the heighten level of improvement in my program through preseason and I am excited as we kick-off our 2016 CACC season.

The coaching course also provided me with one on one appointments with the UEFA A coaches who led me through game analysis and periodization training model. I had the opportunity to spend time at the training grounds of the FC Twente Women’s Soccer team, and learn from the professional ladies what it takes to maintain high levels of output every day. Another exposure was working alongside the other UEFA A license coach at the weeklong U16 training academy. Here I had the opportunity to assist in coaching the coed academy. In my observation I saw how beneficial it was for both the girls and boys to train together. Despite the many moments they played the ball through my legs, I truly enjoyed each day as I saw a group of individuals looked more like a team as each week went by. The coaches also provided me with tools to help teach my players my vision.

On behalf of the Nyack College Women’s Soccer program, I would like to sincerely thank all the coaching and administrative staff members of Holland Football University, for a fantastic learning experience. You have enabled me to build a strong NCAA Division II Women’s Soccer program. Thank you!

“Less is more!”

Coach: Jodel Wright H
ead Coach: Nyack College
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