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Football & Study Accelerator Spain.

J Term: January 5th till 25th  

What if, this J-Term you could work 3 weeks in Spain at the Costa Blanca, with a professional staff that has trained many players who transformed from amateurs to  professionals? Or even National Team players?

We know what it takes for talented amateur players to make the step to professional level, or National Team level, because we have done that for more than 2 decades!

We have created a Football & Study Accelerator that helps you to create your own High Performance Compass. We want you to succeed in building sustainable progress, in football, in your educational career as well as remaining great relationships!

What if you could combine this with a 3 week Online Course from Johan Cruyff Institute, returning home with 3 ECTS (1.5 US credits) or take an intense Spanish Class Accelerator and make a leap in 3 weeks you could not have dreamed off? During these 3 weeks you will finish a 60 hours class on the topic you choose.

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January 5 - January 25th

Train. Perform. Analyse

We get that you can't wait to test yourself at a high level. Train with our UEFA Staff that have proven to know how to develop talented amateur players towards the professional level. 

Wether it will be (re)starting with your club/collegeteam or getting ready for a new challenge abroad, we understand you want to show up more than ready!

For who is this program? Our Accelerator J Term is for ambitious players 16-20 years, who want to use their J-Term to stretch their performance. Our unique 3 Week Football and Study Accelerator program in Spain this J-Term is packed with high level training, testing, and matches against (semi)professional in Spain. 

Education. Combined with a high level football program we have the choice for your to take our Education Accelerator: 60 hours (!) of Spanish Class in 3 weeks, or taking the Football Business Fundamentals from Johan Cruyff Institute. 

High Performance Coaching. Mary Kok-Willemsen will help all players get familiair with High Performance Habits during her 6 weeks Coaching methodology, which will be integrated also in this 3 week Accelerator! You learn how to aim for sustainable high performance on a much more consistent level.

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Football & Study Accelerator Spain.

An exclusive accelerator program created by Holland Football University for players, 16 - 20 years old, from all over the world, which consist of:

  1. 6-Week High Performance Coaching 
  2. 3-Week Total Football Trainingcamp in Spain.
  3. 3-Week Education. Spanish Class or Football Business Accelerator.
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1.     6-Week High Performance coaching with Mary

We believe one of the biggest challenges is how we can sustain our performance on a higher level, while still maintaining beautiful relations with the people we care for and projects that fuel our energy also. Dealing with the different aspects in our live simultanously is what we call High Perforance. The Foundation that the worlds High Achievers use is not in their talent or circumstancers. The Foundation for the worlds High Performance lies in their.... HABITS!

Start 3 weeks before arrival with a private online 1:1 session. Mary will help you create clarity on your goals, challenges and the area's you feel good, need to improve or want to improve. You are primed in the right mindset already before arrival! 

During the 3 weeks in Spain, we will cover the topics:

2.     Total Football Framework HFU

Many football organizations use the term Total Football. So for all this organizations it can mean something different. For us it means EVERYTHING we want to do is in direct relation to improve your game performance. We challenge ourself to put every aspect towards helping you progress as a more complete player.

Skills Training, Strength Training, Football Condition, Football Theory,  Match Analysing, Mental Training, everything is related to improve your performance and let you take ownership over your progress.

We believe when we work with players 16+ they can improve the most when everything is put into context of the game. To INCREASE your IMPACT on the game. 

Everything we train is related to increase quality of decision making and execution. We have worked more than 2 decades in developing talented amateurs to professionals and even worldclass players. 

''Trainings with HFU are more intense than most of the games you will ever play.''

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3.     Education Accelerator. Spanish Class or Football Business (60 hours)

Tailor-made in our J-Term Accelerator, you have the choice to take one of the 2 Online Programs as offered below with us.

The 2 Courses are tailor-made, so that you can complete them during our 3 weeks program. There is 4 hours of Study per day, build in our week schedule! You are living a High Performance Life and have us as your Coach Staff supporting you to integrate it. Even when returning home we connect you in our monthly calls to check on your progress.

* For players who are on distance learning with their own school they take their own schoolprogram in the Studyblocks.

* HFU Football& Study Accelerator J-Term is only for players who want to combine Education and Football at a high level.


Spanish Class

3 weeks. 20 hours per week (60 total)

An unique oppurtunity to merge yourself in a ''live language accelerator'' for 3 weeks. Imagine having 60 hours of Spanish Class under your belt AND the oppurtunity to practise on and off the field in Spain!

  • After your Onboarding and payment you directly receive the link to our Online Course so you can start prepare from home!
  • As you have started your Spanish Class 2 weeks before arrival, we know in which group you need to take your Spanish Class.
  • Blended learning approach with Online Classes, Live Classes and ''Field Trips'' to practise your learnings.

Aimed at:

Players who speak English and want to have the oppurtunity to focus on an intense Spanish Accelerator in combination with a high level football camp.

Admission Requirements

In order to take our Spanish Accelerator Class you need to be able to speak, read and understand English well.

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Football Business Fundamentals

Certificate. 3 weeks. 20 hours per week (60 total)

Provides you with the fundamental concepts of administration and basic tools of operational management in organizations & companies related to football.

  • Strategic Management applied to Football Business. Introduction, Analysis.
  • Management Skills. Leadership, Management styles, Talentmanagement
  • Sports-marketing. Introduction, Marketing strategy and Sponsoring.
  • Financial Management. Interpretation. Financing. Analyzing profit and losses.

Aimed at:

* Players who need specialized education in football business

* Players who are passionate on football and want to learn about Management and Business of Football clubs.

Admission Requirements 

It is recommended to have some knowledge of sports-management or a career as professional athlete.

* This course will start with 10 registrants.

Example of our 3 weeks Scedule


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After you return home we help you continue your Progress through:

  • 3 Sessions with Mary/Jurgen on monthly Group Call.
  • Discussing your Progress and Challenges.
  • Your Feedback, Results and Video's will be in our Online HFU Academy where you will have access to for 1 year!
More about Jurgen and Mary
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Here's what you get when you join.

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3 weeks Total Football.

24/7 HFU Coordinator

Medical Coordinator

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60 hours of Football Business Fundamentals or 60 hours of Spanish Class Accelerator.
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6 Weeks High Performance Coaching by:
Mary Kok-Willemsen 
(value = €1200,-)
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Accountability: 3 monthly Group Calls after returning home.
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Full Board Hotel. Breakfast, Lunch Dinner. Water incl.  500 ft from Mediterreanean
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2 Persons appartment with living room/shower and balcony. * 2 players 
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Studyroom        Gameroom. Footvolley  Swimmingpool, Fitness Sauna Icebath
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City Trips to Valencia and Madrid.
Visit 1 Match in La Liga. (incl Game ticket) 
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Football & Study Accelerator J-Term Spain.

January 5th - January 25th 2023




''The best thing working with these players (and many others) is how they progressed from Amateurs to Silver Medallist in the Worldcup.

They then not only changed THEIR perspective, but did this within 1 decade, for a whole generation....'' Mary Kok-Willemsen

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