Womens Euro 2017

For the first time in history the Netherlands are host of UEFA Women’s Euro. We are very proud that the Netherlands help to enlarge women’s football. The host city’s for WEURO 2017 are Breda, Tilburg, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Doetinchem, Deventer and Enschede.

WEURO2017 becomes the biggest Women’s Euro up to now! Sixteen countries will play for a final spot, where four years ago only twelve country’s participated. It is nice to see that womens’s football becomes bigger and bigger.
The opening match between the Netherlands and Norway takes place on July 16th in Utrecht. The final will be played in Enschede.

Germany wants to prolong their status as European champion, the women of Austria, Belgium, Schotland and Switserland make their debut on a final tournament.

Poule indeling WEURO

* the numbers 1 and 2 from every poule will be going to the quarterfinal

Do you want to experience the Womens Euro from up close? Come and join the Womens Euro while attending the best professional and personal coachescourse you can look for! During the Women Euro you will analyse the best on European Womensoccer and combine it with great field and theory sessions.

This is really an once in a lifetime experience. Building international friendships with coaches in womensoccer all over the world and enjoying Holland and the WEURO 2017!

Coaches course womensoccer


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