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Last week coach Prajwal Chetri from Nepal took on a tailormade 9 days coachesprogram at Holland Football University. Prajwal is a trainer of the Junior Football Academy from Nepal and holds an AFC-B License. AFC is the Asian version of UEFA. During the intense course the mainfocus for Prajwal was on matchanalyse, matchcoaching and the translation to traininggoals.
At the end of his stay we asked him what he have learned en how he has experienced his course at Holland Football University.

Prajwal Prajwal

How did you learn about Holland Football University?
I was searching on the internet and i saw the programs of Holland Football University. Then i decided to discover what programs you offer. In particular the ‘’Tailormade’’ program was interesting for me, just because the seminar is made on my level and interest. Besides that i have seen Mary Kok-Willemsen and Holland Football University on Asian TV during her stay in India.

Why have you chosen for following a coaching progam? I have chosen for this coaching program, because i want to learn something new. I choose for the Netherlands, because Dutch footballstyle is internationally famous. The Tailormade program is perfect because i wanted to watch how to analyze matches and learn to translation into traininggoals.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the coaching program?

The most important thing i have learned is that you can’t just watch a game, but Coach Jurgen learned me how to read a game. By splitting a game into four main moments it is easier to be more specific with your players. These four main moments are now my foundation for match evaluations and trainingsessions.

How have you experienced the last nine days?
In the last nine days i have learned a lot, but it was very intensive. In a couple of days i got a good impression about football in the Netherlands. Especially the combination of matchanalyses of professional football and youth football, the professional youth training and be present at the training of FootballEquals made it a perfect combination. The best of all was Coach Jurgen who spend a lot of time on me so i could develop myself.
Why are the 9 days so intense?
I think the program is too short, because during the program you have to do a lot. Because of this you will forget things you have learned earlier. It would be nice if i had more rest so i could remember everything. In consultation with Holland Football University i already planned my next course and this seminar will be a Tailor coachprogram of a month helping me to receive my HFU B-License and being able to work on the field.

Are there differences with seminars you followed before by the AFC?
Oh yes, there are. At AFC you also visite professional matches, but at Holland Football University you are learning a specifically structure to break up a match through four main moments. Everything in Holland is based on how you want to play as a team, how you are doing it. But also taking the next step in creating trainingsituations where you are really able coaching the games problem.

Are you going to apply the things you have learned directly into your own team?
Now i know what to do with the team. I can make a good team in Nepal and now i know exactly what to do for every position. For sure i am going to apply the things i have learned at my own team. The time i will have between now and the next course i need to bring theory to the field.


Will you advice trainers to first get their licence or will you advice them to first follow a coaching program?
I advice trainers in Asia to get their C or B licence first before they follow this course. It is necessary because you need to know grassroots. From there this course is helping you to go deeper in knowledge and giving you structure to prepare teams. Because of tailormade 9 days the course is intense but you will learn a lot in a short period of time.

What is your own ambition?
Because of the coaching program i understand football much better. I can develop myself now and i hope to be a complete trainer within three years through all the things i have learned in the Netherlands.

We thank coach Prajwal for his confidence in choosing Holland Football University supporting his ambition

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