Coach Sven Padberg @Holland Football University

Who are you?
My name is Sven Padberg. I am 26 years old and I live in Hengelo. I work as a gym teacher at a high school. I am also a coach at V.V. DETO and FootballEquals Academy. My svenown football background comes from Sportclub Enschede, the city in which I was born.

What are your ambitions?
My personal ambitions are not very specific. I really want to improve as a coach, just like players want to improve. Luckily I had a lot of great experiences. During my internship at the FC Twente football academy I have seen some of the best national and international players which taught me a lot. Working with experienced and good coaches also helped me lay a foundation at a young age. If I had to name something, I would like to work for a youth academy of a professional football club.

What did you learn at Holland Football University/FootballEquals?
I learned a lot of things here. Working in a team brings many types of thought and disciplines. It is also the first time I have ever coached female football players. This is not very different, only I have noticed that girls are a more focussed on achieving a goal at a young age. In my eyes a very good attribute.

What is your football vision?
I think that players should be able to creatively find solutions and execute them so that they can play themselves out of the opponent’s pressure. I also expect my players to press the opponent with a very high intensity when we do not have possession of the ball, so that we can have ball possession again. Learning to recognise these situations is very essential for a team to be able to achieve this.

What do you want to teach your players?
I cannot stress this enough. It should come from the players themselves for the most part. Every training session, every match they play, they need to give everything they have, physically and mentally, to become better! You cannot achieve success by being content with something. You should always try and aim for something higher and keep challenging yourself so that you can come a step closer every time.

What is your advice for ‘young’ coaches?
Mainly to put a lot of time in coaching, on and off the pitch. Watching football from different leagues and levels and watching different coaches can form you to become a more complete coach, because you take the best out of what you observe and take it with you in your personal development. Ask questions if you cannot figure something out, but never be afraid to discover something yourself.

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