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My name is Olivier Amelink, I am 23 years old and born and raised in Enschede. At the moment I am the Head of Academy Football Development and trainer/coach of the U15 group at the FootballEquals Academy. I am also active as a trainer/coach at ATC ’65 A1 and at FC Twente Scoren in de Wijk.Coach Olivier

My ambition on the short term is to fully develop every individual player that I manage in my teams. In the long term I want to become the best field coach for the middle and older youth teams. Holland Football University helps me realise this ambition. I have the chance to fully develop myself as a trainer and as a person with great colleagues and under great circumstances.

I am a trainer who aims for extremely attacking, dominant and result orientated football. I want my team to press as quickly and as high as possible when we do not have possession of the ball. So that we can quickly regain ball possession and dominate the game from there. In ball possession, I want my team to impose their will on the opponent by playing dynamic, with courage and attacking football to create chances. If we lose the ball, I want my team to immediately press the opponent without whining about anything. This is my vision in a nutshell. I am a football fan and want to enjoy watching my own team play.

The most important thing in my opinion for a player is to make every training session about becoming better. When you go to the training session, your approach should be becoming better and not to just kick a ball around for fun. Everything you do has to happen at 120%. If a player gives 20% extra every training sessions he becomes better in my eyes.

I want to advise young and ambitious coaches to work with a lot of different coaches, who all have their own approach towards a group of players. This will show you what type of leadership and approach fits you the best. It will help you in your development as a trainer/coach. From my own experience, I have noticed that you learn the most from people who are used to teach their players in a “different” manner than you prefer. Sometimes it is good to be pushed out of your own comfort zone to broaden your own approach and vision.


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