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My name is Daan Jalving, I am 20 years old and I am from Holten. I am a 3rd year level 4 Sports Movement student at Landstede in Zwolle. I am taking the course of Trainer/Coach (football). This year I am the coach of the JO15-1 team at Z.V.V. Blauw-Wit ’66 in Holten. I am also the assistant coach of Jurgen Kok at the FootballEquals Academy O16 team.

Since I was 15 years old I was engaged in the training profession. I started out as trainer-coach of the F1 team of VV Holten. The year after that I started my Sports and Movement education. At that moment I became the trainer-coach of the F2 and D2 teams of Z.V.V. Blauw-Wit ’66. After that I led the D1 team of Blauw-Wit ’66 for two years. In my first year as the trainer of the D1 team I passed the course of Trainer-Coach III of the KNVB at 18 years old, under the supervision of Roeland ten Berge. In my second year as the trainer of the D1 team I was also hired at the FC Twente University U11 team. I chose to take this step in order to learn more from the diverse age groups. I gained a lot of experience from all the other trainers over these 5 years. Personally I learned a lot about football here.

What are your ambitions?
My ambition is to become a trainer-coach at the highest level that I am capable of. I want to achieve this by coaching a lot of youth teams and later on becoming a head coach for a team. Next season I will be taking the course of Trainer-Coach II and combining this with an internship at PEC Zwolle. This idaans a great next ste
p for me personally to gain more experience from a lot of trainer-coaches at a high level. I try to develop myself as much as possible by being on the pitc
h and giving training sessions.

I advise other beginning trainer-coaches the following: train a lot, try to stand in front of a group by yourself and learn from experienced trainer-coaches. As for direct feedback, I have noticed that I learned a lot from this.

What is your football vision?
As a beginning trainer-coach, I am someone who likes dominant and attacking football with a lot of movement from the players. Players who try to find the solution by thinking forward!
When playing forward is not an option, I want the players to play the ball wide or back to start a new offensive move. When my team is not in possession of the ball we try to put high pressure and regain possession. I think that the opponent should not have enough space so that we can make it impossible for them to play in the tight areas.
This also brings risks because players need to step and cover forward. This type of play always reflects back in my training sessions. I give training sessions with a specific set piece in mind which I focus on for three weeks. In those training sessions I want the players to learn by questioning the decisions they make. I think it is important that players learn and think for themselves to try and find a good solution.
This way of playing costs the team a lot of energy, but football is only fun when you have possession of the ball and are able to score. The energy that is put in will eventually pay off with good field play. When all of this works out, the team and the players walk off the pitch with a satisfied feeling. Football = fun!

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