Interview Siddesh our Indian Intern

BASL9018 (1)Karan has been taking part in our international internships. He joined with Holland Football University to experience our style on footballcoaching. Holland Football University started their first program in September and Karan was able to participate in our staff. It is one of the programs we offer to ambitious international students to learn more on the Dutch style of play and learn how to implement it in their home country.

To give everyone an impression about Holland Football University we interviewed Karan. We are happy that we have worked with him and joined the mutual experience.

Interview Karan

1. How old are you and where are you from?
I am 18 years old. I am from Mumbai, India.

2. How did you get to the Netherlands? And why?
I got to the Netherlands via Saxion University where I am currently studying International Business and Management Studies.

3. Do you play soccer/football? Can you tell something about it? (Where? Position? Why did you stop what level did you play?)
Yes I do play football. I visited The Netherlands for a football exchange program back in 2013,
where we trained at a club called WVV in Winschoten. I play as a right back or right winger. I
still play football. I play for a club called De Tubanters, it is a club in in Enschede. I have played for my college back in India.

4. How did you manage to participate in the staff of FC Twente University?
I am not a trainer. Me and my friend Siddhesh were included in the amazing project that is Holland Football University for gaining experience.

5. What trainers courses did you take?
No courses taken.

6. What do you think about the FC Twente University?
FC Twente University is a very big and accomplished University with amazing staff and trainers at their disposal.

7. Is it difficult to train the Dutch and German players?
There was a language barrier as they were children from the age of 11-13, but they were very cooperative of the situation and I tried to use some Dutch words so that they might understand what I was trying to say. All in all they were an amazing group of players with great technique and skill, also very patient.

8. Do you see any differences?
Yes I did see many. All meetings were on time. All trainers were very dedicated and I had an amazing Head coach with me, Wim van Zeist. He helped a lot and gave me the opportunity to coach the players and to go ahead with the training. He was very energetic and always appreciated all the players. The HFU was also very organized with the facilities and the training material. It was a very new, different and good experience. I learned a lot in
these ten weeks of training, and I thank all the trainers especially Mary Kok-Willemsen who introduced us to Holland Football University and let us take part in this project with the others.

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