Interview Siddesh our Indian Intern

SaddishSiddhesh has been taking part in our international internships. He joined with Holland Football University to experience our style on footballcoaching . Holland Football University started their first program in September and Siddhesh was able to participate in our staff. It is one of the programs we offer to ambitious international students to learn more on the Dutch style of play and learn how to implement it in their home country.

To give everyone an impression about Holland Football University we interviewed Siddhesh. We are happy that we have worked with him and joined the mutual experience.

1. How old are you and where are you from?
I am 17 years old and I am from Mumbai, India

2. How did you get in contact with the Netherlands? Why this choice?
I have been in the Netherlands in 2013 in a football exchange program by Stichting Hand in Hand. I loved the culture and the way people respond that is being direct and on point. Then I decided to become a student at Saxion University in Enschede.

3. Do you play soccer/football? Can you tell something about it? (Where? Position? What level do you play?)
Yes I do play football, I play as a striker at de Tubanters, Enschede

4. How did you manage to participate in the staff of FC Twente University?
Mrs Mary Kok wanted to help us and we thought the best way to learn was by being involved in a project and you can only know Holland Football University better by being present with them on the field. It was a great opportunity which we were given by her.

5. What trainers courses did you take?
Nothing, no courses

6. What do you think about Holland Football University?
The management and organisation is world class. The trainers are so down to earth and grounded and always help the players. I was assisting technical manager Jurgen Kok with the training. To be honest I rarely helped but he gave me the opportunity to train with the kids. I can feel I myself have improved, so I am sure everyone can start feeling the difference once they are a part of it.

7. Is it difficult to train the Dutch and German players?
I am not a native speaker so communication and my accent could have been a problem for the players, but they could speak English and helped me a lot.

8. Do you see any differences?
Yes, huge differences both as a player and as a person and also some quality experience as a trainer because I worked with Jurgen. As I mentioned I was given the chances to train under him and as a player I have never experienced a coach like this. Also the way all the trainers really helped me as a person as well as a player was great, because everyone is giving their 100 %, always! They always want to get better, they are amazing and they inspire me to do better.

9. What are the weaknesses of Holland Football University?
Weaknesses? To be completely honest I could not find any weaknesses. I have never experienced anything like this before and I feel so lucky to only be a part of it.

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