Player management system for Holland Football University

Website Dotcomsport (1)Enschede – Holland Football University is opting immediately for Dotcom Sport as a player tracking system for footballplayers who participate in the trainingsessions of HFU!

Holland Football University is committed to develop the players who participate in programs at FC Twente University (Soccer School, Soccer Camps and Soccer Clinics). Also players from abroad who participate in football training of HFU like the Summer School, Soccer Camps and Soccer Tours are intensively monitored. To get a better insight in the development of players the player tracking system is extremely important. After a long search, the organization came out with Dotcom Sport, since Dotcom Sport excelled in ease and all matters required could be registered in the application.

In addition, players can also see and track their points for development and it ensures a proper training path for players. Holland Football University wants to ensure the quality of the program and can thus store and view from now all training activities at one central location.

More information about Dotcom Sports:
Dotcom Sport is a software supplier that offers and develops products and services for the sports market.
They have a fully web-based player tracking system called Dotcom Club for the football and hockey market.
The pay-off is the essence of the company. Dotcom Sport strives to develop software just what is actually used within the sport. Users may also think through the further development of our tracking systems. Along with the sport they develop a unique and user-friendly product; Software on the move!

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