Video-analysis from Holland Football University

videoberichtHolland Football University has made video recordings of the participants at the FC Twente Football School. Through these recordings, participants will have the opportunity to learn from themselves, but also to learn from each other.

The recordings were made during the 6th and 7th training session of the current FC Twente Football School module. During the 9th training session on November 15 at Trifora Gym, the video will be discussed with the group.

The video recordings are coded by group and by player on possession and on possession opponent. As a result each player can be analyzed by each so called head moment in football.

The encoded images are recorded in the player tracking system of Holland Football University. For this, Holland Football University has entered into a partnership with the company Dotcomsport from Zeewolde.

The player tracking system offers each player a unique environment for learning.
The technical staff of Holland Football University can send participants video images of individual moments in games or training situations. That may be a recording of their own training session, but it can also involve images of matches from the Premier League, Primera Division, Eredivisie or the Champions League.

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