9 Day Team Program

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9 DAYS Team Program: Your perfect preparation for the season!

€ 1.190,- per person

Coaches are working nonstop to ensure that they are able to implement their philosophies to create perfect team dynamics. We understand that you only have little time to get your team sharp before the new season starts. Training camps at Holland University Football will put your plan to action. We will make sure you are able to work as a professional under the best circumstances. The only thing you have to worry about is football…

Football Experience
Holland Football University offers customised football programmes. We look to provide coaches the space and equipment required for the coaches’ sessions. However, we also provide our professional coaching staff if you want to train with your team on a certain aspect of the game.
Another part of your professional experience is learning more about Dutch and German football. Your program will include watching professional football games in both Holland and Germany.

‘As a Norwegian Client I would recommend HFU to others in the business of developing Young players. “We recognise passion” across borders, Languages and for that matter, sports. But Our sport is football and it is all about People and relations. We are satisfied customers of HFU.’  Tarjei N. Smågesjø

9 day Teamprogram € 1.190,-*
*All included!


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