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*** Federation D-license required 

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Match analysis – Training – Coaching

Why should I consider Youth Soccer Coaches Course? Previously, children played football in the street. Footballers learned playfully. Only at a later stage of the career of a football player,  coaches were more important. Nowadays , young players play at a very young age at a football club and thus the importance of a youth soccer coach has increased. A players’ complete career is influenced by coaches and other sports coaches.

More so, it is of great importance for the development of individual football players at all levels that the guidance is of the highest possible level. Guiding a good football player concerns with not only the soccer technical development, but also the (football) mental development.
Holland Football University makes a significant contribution to the development of trainers / youth soccer coaches. The program of Holland Football University are a targeted complement on existing programs of football federations. In addition, the programs are often shorter, accessible and practical.

Soccer Coach Experience
With Youth Soccer Coaches Course , Holland Football University offers ambitious coaches, from all around the world, the opportunity to work intensively with the Dutch way of educating, training and managing of professional footballplayers.
Regardless the level or age of the group you normally coach, it is an addition to your knowledge as coach to follow our program. Besides that we visit at least one match of the Bundesliga (Germany) or Eredivisie (Holland). At the end of the coach program the coach will receive a certificate of Holland Football 9 day Coaching programUniversity

8 days Coaches Course Youth € 1.980,-*
*Excl. flight, insurance and match tickets

Exclusive Tailormade programs for Soccer Coaches
We develop custom-made programs for soccer coaches that have specific interests and needs.
Hence, our programs are very personal and based on the individual development of the coach. You know your learning process the best, you know the area’s you want to specify and work with us.

Furthermore, we are there to create a individual coaches course around you where you will be confronted with an environment where you are able to develop your needs. We offer training programs in the area of  game focused training and coaching (team tactical training), match analysis, youth training (u-14 to u-18 and u-10 to u-14), football fitness and skill training. You let us know more about your background and wishes, and we will design the perfect learning climate for you. This tailor-made program is challenging for all levels, starters and experienced coaches, that know what they want.

The final program depends on the starting period of the Youth Soccer Coaches Course.

8 days Coaches Course Youth Brochure
* Example concept program

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