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Available at June and July. There is always a possibility for more or less days.

From €1090,- per person

Coaches are working intensively with their team during the season. They have opted for a game strategy, a game system and a way of playing. Then, the trainer / coach and his staff are developing a program to develop the team in this context.

Training camps accelerate this process. The team and the staff are together for a long period and therefore can train a lot and play a lot of matches. Training camps abroad not only promotes the football level, but also strengthen group ties.

Holland Football University offers customized programs for teams. The training accommodations are first class quality. Games are established by mutual agreement and match the level of the team. Games can be played against (youth) teams of professional clubs, but also against high level amateur clubs.

Training sessions can be taken care of by the own staff, but there are also trainers / coaches from Holland Football University available for training. It is a good experience for players to experience other trainers from a different football culture. The staff of the team always define the purpose of the training.

The cultural part of the program will be determined by mutual agreement. Trips can be organized to attractions in the region, in the country or abroad. In addition, games can be visited in the Dutch Eredivisie and in the Bundesliga in Germany.

Click here for our 9 day Teamprogram

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