Basic fundamentals that we believe in at Holland Football University that players should be looking to develop, is their ability to beat an opponent player one on one. Being able to show you’re tenacious and adventures side during a match situation, will stand you out from the crowd but it will also contribute to your team winning a match.

Our programs are in addition to the regular training sessions and competitions in their own clubs. At the club there is a lot of team training, in preparation for competitions. Due to lack of time, it may happen that the number of ball contacts per player is limited. Targeted, functional skill training therefore often barely exists.

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Holland Football University focuses on individual functional skill training. Players always have their “own” ball during training, and so have many touches on the ball. Moreover, the groups consist of up to 16-18 players, with each group accompanied by a head coach and an assistant coach. The individual attention is thereby assured.

The players learn a variety of skills that can be utilised with a game situation. As well as that a range of movement’s patterns that are seen in matches such as being able to receive the ball on the half turn and being able to make the right decision in passing the ball, will be taught. Practices on different range passing, Dribbling, Shooting and keeping Possession will all be looked at.

We’ll be looking to assess the players on what they have learned in the training sessions through small and larger game scenarios.

In order to be efficient when it comes to match and training situations, it’s important to condition your body. Being able to do so will allow you to perform to your potential best. Therefore strength and conditioning session will be put on to help players.

On sight
For the younger players, our main focus will be to teach the basic fundamentals, such as controlling the ball and helping them to express themselves during training and matches. We understand that this can only be done, through the environment that we provide for them. As time goes on we hope to develop the confidence.

Social skills
Football is more than just a game, rather it’s a place where bridges are brought together. Despite ethnicity or background, football unites everyone together. During the time that the players will spend at Holland Football University, we hope to give them a chance to enhance there social skills with other players. Through team work activates on and off the field.

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