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Coachescourse Womensoccer

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With Holland having won the European Championship last summer, lots of coaches are interested in learning more about the Dutch Total Football Strategy. With 2 countries within 10 minutes of your accommodation. We will show you the best European womensoccer can offer you. The chance to watch german and dutch womensoccer in 9 days.

Previously the men were playing total soccer, now it was the women that were playing the full pressure game, with creativity and personality on the wings. Lieke Martens chosen to be FIFA’s best female player on the world, made her move to play for FC Barcelona. With the other winger Shanice van der Sanden leaving Liverpool for Europe’s best: Olympique Lyon.

shanice en liekeDuring this football coaching course you learn about the development strategy both players followed. You will also visit the youth training development of the future national stars.

Theory Classes/ Trainingvisits and Fieldsessions
We believe that we need to make the course tailormade to your ambition and your level.Therefore we will have contact to discuss the concept program, to make sure it meets your needs! Within the 9 days you are with us you are in a bubble, where it is only about you and your personal development. 

Personal leadership and vision
While making sure we get the most out of our 9-days, we spent time in getting to know your ambitions, goals and what you want to achieve. Not only during this course, but also when returning home.The course is created in a way that will structure your thoughts into a clear vision. All of our visited coaches (C-license up to pro-license) have experienced our courses to be a compass for developing their vision.”Everyone can watch football, HFU lets you understand where to look for.”

9 days Coachescourse Womensoccer  € 1.980,-*
*Excl. flight, insurance and drinks during stay

The final program depends on the starting period of the coachescourse.

9 days Coachescourse Womensoccer brochure
*Example concept program.


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