''HFU invests in ambitious coaches womensoccer worldwide!''

Working many years in delivering coachescourses worldwide, it always strikes me how few female coaches register to courses.
On the rare occassions I speak to female coaches, 99% working in womensoccer, I am surprised by their seemless effort and energy they take into their players.

But I also would love to see these coaches having rare moments to develop in theirselves! To become better coaches, to create an international network around them that not only helps them but also ends up developing their teams…
It was then when I decided to design a course around the Womens Euro 2017 in Holland this July and August!
Players from Germany, Sweden, England and France and Holland are eager to show the development European soccer has made.
These same players nowadays playing for FC Barcelona, Paris St Germain, Bayern Munich and Manchester City.. Not on an amateurebase but seriously living a full professesionals!
This European Championship is going to show the growth of the Womensgame in Europe. Exciting!

Mary Kok-Willemsen

Around our courses we build Theory Classes, Fieldsessions and Match Analysing for coaches working in womensoccer, on National Academy level, Collegelevel or Clubs.

With different Uefa licensed Instructors this course will be tailormade around the startingpoint of the coaches, their level and ambitions.
We hope that this Euro will bring not only the best for the players involved but also creates the platform for ambitious coaches.
As our players are developing, we need to invest in ourselves as coaches also.
Womensoccer needs also female rolemodels, as coaches and on the Board.
Holland Football University will enjoy to take the passengerseat next to you.
To help and develop you!
We love to welcome you in Holland!

Mary Kok-Willemsen bij studio voetbal



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